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My work is made up of found materials: paper and books that are headed for (or sourced from) the thrift store or the recycle bin. I've always approached art making to first use what is immediately available. I enjoy employing the material to my will through painting, drawing, and hand cutting. The subject matter of the vintage magazines and books is obscured, but their color palette lends itself to each collage. Each piece is an exploration of form, built through a process of multidimensional layering.

I've been painting, drawing, and collaging abstract paper forms since 2005, during an autobiographical themed drawing class in art school. I began BFA studies in sculpture at the  San Francisco Art Institute in 2002, focusing on conceptual art and 20th century art history. I remained in San Francisco until 2009, when my Dad and I took an epic road trip back to Kansas City. I then became reaquainted with the Kansas City art community through selected participation in Artist INC Live, a business seminar for artistic professional development. My work has been shown in Kansas City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.


SKILLS: Product Photography, Photo Styling, Post Production, Typography, Product Development, Creative Problem Solving, Branding.

With my background in fine art, I am highly skilled in craft, but I also love brand strategy, product development and photo styling. I'm never afraid to dig in and do what needs to be done, and I absolutely love creative collaboration.

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